right outta bangkok

thee shadyswamp graced shoe wit some snappy summer duds.. the wiggid wee ramen tee

perty snappy eh?

partee wit the bear

born on a mountaintop in kichijoo-ji
killed a bear when twas only three..

shoe was a-hosting the shadyswamp, an spent a loong time wanderin', lookin for a good bowl on the recommendation o' one o' the natives, the hifumi. alas, shoe failed an settled for a bowl at ajigen kumamatsuri..

on a nice wintry day, the bigass bowl o miso was a welcome sight. ajigen's bowl looks mighty fine, an when youre a lookin at the bowl yer a thinkin, "man, this B is goin DOWN!"

shoe hit it, hard. slocked that B down fastlike. gone in a flash. twas a big bowl, an much like wrasslin bears, shoe was a sweatin' afterwards.. soup box standard, thick n curly noodles, passable chahsew an egg, an the wee onion shavings onna top didnae matter much..

so what to say aboot the B overall? well, it looked good, it filled the shoe up, did what it needed ta, no questions asked..

three blow up dollies for the ajigen kumamatusri

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this is hard core

ya heerd it here 17th, boogers! there is a new ramen era upon us..

shoe's required readin for the month is in. an damn, shoe is soo tiny in they ramen universe, likes.

have a look at these ramen mofo blogs. we gots the マーコさん blog, wit 251 bowls for 2006.

next up is あまさん, lookin' at 303 Bs.

rank UP - 小○さん(first spotted by the TNS), a crazy-ass 333 Bs in 2006.

but then we gots ramen bo-log champ しらすさん wit 455 stoopid Bs for 2006 alone! dat be 5-6 Bs a day, peeps!

shoe has his work cut oot for him, love.


tora tora tora. shoe wandered in on a less-than chilly nite, kichijoji it was. the ninki-nanba-wan was the ninniku genkotsu, so shoe figgered that this was a gonna be a stank mouf spec-tacle, wit tora bringin the flavour. but it wan't so, HARUMPF.

first off, the bird at the counter was all a smirky like, not botherin' to aks the shoe what kinda noodle hardness he wanted..naff! woteva. jus' bring the B, an stand back.

k, tora's not that good, fellas. ya gots yer weak-ass soup, for one. lookit that piccie there, in all its grayness.. jus' none o that UMAMI. they gots some sorta extra juice onna counter so that ya can flavour it up, what's up wit that? it said a couple o' loops over the bowl. shoe did that, an then it turned into salt-city. gee-yad. the noodles were pretty inoffensive, an the chashew was middlin', but it was the egg that got the shoe's hackles up in arms.. some shitty egg, boogers! like they just boiled the mutherfucker right thru! wheres the flavour, tora?

shoe got hisself outta there, wit another smirk from the bird behind the counter kickin' him onna ass out inta the street.

three pongs for a two dimensional bowl. bully!

shippin' in 2007

the hatsu-'men for 2007, the menzo in the kichijoji. shoe hit hit this B a week ago, he had a bowl comin to him an his eye was on the menzo for the couple o weeks befo'.

menzo kinda looks like the ramen joint that yer bestest bud set up all on his lonesome, likes, wit the mellow in-teer-ior an the homey hip-hop on the pipes. nice n chilled, but 'nary a booger in sight slurpin' on the counter.. hmm.. had shoe chosen poorly?

well, they say hunger is the best sauce, an shoe had plenny of the sauce. but it was the smell that threw the works into overdrive.. the smell! waow, 'twas a good one, all kinda tart n almost cheese-ly, like some powdry cheese, but not quite. anyhoo, it was workin'.

shoe went for the shoyuu over the miso, chashew version wit the egg onna top. great egg. the soup was all a heavy n mellow, which kinda fit the inside. that smell? just wasn't in the bowl for some reason, but that didnae matter too much.

apparently the menzo's got a twin sista on the south side, a light one wit the assari soup. interestin' that they split the soup between the shoppes like that, good one, mezo.

three macrame wall hangins for the menzo.

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